To whoever classified "reading & writing" as Hard Skills ... well done

Earlier today I was placing some documents away while doing some sorting in my studio. So checking some draft paper, I came across an A4 paper which read the following:

Soft Skills
- Communication
- Interpersonal
- Social Skills
- Team work

Hard Skills
- Reading
- Writing

Now, to be utterly honest, to the present time, as I am typing these lines, I have no clue whatsoever about the identity of the person/people/group who wrote in my last week workshop,

So decided to Google to verify if that was what they actually did ... mind you, absolutely nothing wrong with it, as he/she/they was/were using technology available to find out more about a proposed subject.

First line from "Investopedia" -- in Chrome

"Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured, such as typing, writing, math, reading and the ability to use software programs. By contrast, soft skills are less tangible and harder to quantify, such as etiquette, getting along with others, listening and engaging in small talk. In business, hard skills most often refer to accounting and financial modeling."
So, if that paper came from "you" dear reader, just to acknowledge I still had it until today, and that you were on the right track ... so Thank you for being there!

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