Re shaping ...

It is back to drawing table for me dear reader, well ... not quite to be honest, last year (Note to self: *wow that one sounded like a long time ago*) I was kindly invited to present a 90 minute slot at "Getting ready for 2017 ELT challenges and opportunities" which starts tomorrow.

If you had asked me before 29 December 2016, I would have answered that I had it ready to be delivered ... now? I am meditating, chatting to others and even talking to myself considering I would very much intend to add this new concept that I have embraced with much excitement> intelligence as a verb as #FoodForThought.

While having my morning jog I was re-shaping in my mind my concepts ... I have found a true delight to spend this moment of the day to deep think and philosophy instead of the classic motivating tunes for workout/jogging.

It is still, very much, a work in progress, but got these hours ahead, so, "it's all good" as Hugh Bonneville would say.

Let's do this!

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