Challenges and Opportunities

As I mentioned yesterday, IATEFL Summer Workshop started today and I feel pleasantly surprised, motivated and inspired.

Very happy to report back that Soft Skills, Core Skills and getting ready for the 21st century, abilities needed and all, is part of everyone's agenda, same as CPD ... and there are so many places to go to for that!

There is so very very much to learn from, with internet, life is utterly different indeed.

Which makes me reflect on the following ... or intelligence *as a verb*

  • Is there way too much information out there?
  • How do we select which MOOC to go for?
  • Which is the best way to determine the level/quality of a webinar?
  • When is the best time to put into practice all this?
  • And, most importantly, specially if one is into education> How can we transmit this kind of knowledge to our learners/students/pupils/coachess?
... Got so many questions that I hope to answer soon dear reader.
Thank you for commenting or sharing your experiences with me

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