A bit of night self-reflection

It has been one special day, not only professionally but personally as well ... so feeling not only elated but extremely motivated and empowered.

Few things beat sharing our knowledge with those around us, on this occasion it was at The IATEFL Summer School 2017 with a fabulous group of ELT professionals that work with a range of language learners from nursery all the way to secondary, college and university plus adults.

It was tricky though, so much information to share and activities to do in a 90 minute talk, hence it was just like a wine tasting. Even more, one of the discussion we had involved D.Erasmus' intelligence as a verb that this group of English teachers accepted the challenge to discuss about, after a mini-video with gorgeous views of his land in the forest.

Raising awareness on Core Skills, getting them to embrace these 6 lines we shared on their daily classes, was our goal ... a motivational session ending with some vibrant music and a bit of a chat that we are to continue online, or using one of the several platforms available, or who knows, maybe face2face over a cup of tea.

Two more days to go ...  Getting ready for 2017 ELT challenges and opportunities.

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