Can Soft Skills be teachable? ... "we are what we repeatedly do", right?

Note to self ... remember this one!

Last week as I was wrapping up the afternoon and collecting materials after presentation had long finished, I found two pieces of draft paper.

The picture attached above, dear reader, is one of them, and to be fair, I wished to add that I do believe one can teach/train/develop your soft skills ... yes you can.

This is exactly the kind of workshops the British Council Global Trainer Network focus on around the world, we do have access to brilliant material and trainers provide these modules to teachers but also to school leaders, as I have done in Mexico in December last year.

Someone may say it is too soon to know if there is a real impact, but we would like to believe, that it is very true and tangible, with the right motivation, energy and adapting/adjusting traditional ways of presenting our lessons to school children or university students, we can definitely find a way forward.

So, in short, I trust soft skills or core skills can be teachable indeed. Paraphrasing Aristotle "We are what we repeatedly do ... excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit".

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