Intelligencing on a Sunday Morning #Citizenship & a shout out to #SDGs

Getting ready for training in Mexico, one more time and thinking about Citizenship understood as:
(1) Status> rights & duties
(2) Feeling> identity & belonging
(3) Practise> making a difference

... a concept that is understood as a National, Regional, Local and in our own communities but also bearing in mind that we are living in a globalised world, and thanks to technology, we are closer and closer, recognising our connections.

So, one of the activities I was checking, requested us thinking ahead, an imagining our world in 2030.

It hit me, and clicked on the World We Want 2030 (previously known as Beyond 2015 and The World We Want 2015)... found out it is now called "Deliver 2030".
Loved it from the beginning! It is not only a wish now, as in what we want, but defines steps towards achieving those goals ... how to deliver.

Sometimes, a little change in the wording can transmit ever so much. #FoodForThought.
I am a true believer in Mini-Revolutions, and the impact it does have.

Well done indeed! SDG all the way! (Sustainable Development Goals(
... and us, dear readers? Which are our 3 steps towards becoming a better person and influencing in the ones around us?

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