A new day and really impressed how warmly this new terminology has been embraced, not that they are all using it but at least it has been well accepted and the most important thing, we are discussing about these core skills ...

Got to confess though that from the following 6, there are some that most people assume are "more important" than others
1.Critical thinking and problem solving
2.Creativity and imagination
4.Communication and collaboration
5.Digital literacy
6.Leadership and personal development

At this point in time, dear reader, I would love to receive some comments on which are the one, you consider as the Top 3, considering your current situation.

In this part of the world, as seen yesterday, Digital Literacy and CTPS very closely followed by Creativity and Imagination were the ones selected.

When asked about my preference ... well, to be honest, very hard to say as I believe they are interconnected somehow ... and yet, whoever is reading these lines is due to internet and its usage, right?

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