It's finally here #IATEFL2017

Only the best week in the ELT world has finally arrived ... the one and only International Conference for English Language Teachers.

This year we are all e-travelling to Glasgow (... with Edinburgh one of my top 10 destinations in the UK indeed) to e-attend to the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language Conference and Exhibition (well the latter a tad more difficult but anyhow, it today's interconnected world, the sky is the limit ... have you checked Periscope? Facebook Live? Insta Stories?

Take a deep breath ... there is quite a lot to take in!

To be fair, maybe that is one of the challenges, I clearly still remember being surprised by 2013 stats
70 new domains are registered and 571 new website are created within a minute online, at the same time there are 1.8 million likes on Facebook, 204 million emails sent and 278,000 tweets posted. (GoGlobe.com)

Mind you, that was 4 years ago!

There is too much out there, but fear not dear English Teachers (EFL ESL TEFL TT EAP BET and all the others ... #IATEFL is here.

The best of the best, current trends, research, and what's on on the horizon ... all in one place.

For example:

Gavin Dudeney, who I have known since back in the days 2006 with his email-forums trying to connect us ELT researchers, teachers and trainers. This Thursday he has a workshop that is not to be missed if one is a teacher trainer ... ToolBox included!
Do you feel daunted by technology? Got 8 minutes? Then this is your link:

Carol Read, not only IATEFL past-president but a global lecturer, it is not unsual to see regular
Sadly we were not present at the Young Learners and Teenagers SIG (Special Interest Group) Opening Plenary on Values Education but here we have a taste ... lovely reflection in this 8 minute interview.

Pete Sharma, who I met at LABCI 2013, we were both giving semi-plenaries hence I was not able to attend to his for obvious reasons. It is always a delight to hear him sharing his thoughts, even for a 6 minute chat
Pete is sadly not giving a talk this year but a fascinating view of  what might be his IATEFL 2018 workshop?

Wherever we are in the world, we can have a taste of what is going on in Glasgow via IATEFL Online (IATEFL-British Council)

For more information:


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