Sorry ... but not so sorry #intelligencing March 2017

First entry of the month and yet it happens to be the very last day of it. I am sorry for that - I thought I was going to start apologising- but then I reconsider my thought and came up with: really? I am not so sorry for many different reason that I am sharing with you, dear reader in the following lines.

1. February was comprehensively heavy in seminars/facilitation/training sessions for me, I was fully booked ... emphasis on fully. In my country, January and February are school holidays and hence time for teachers to brush up on their skills ie. work and tons of it.

2. As a consequence I had to have a time to reflect on all those amazing experiences (coming back and reading my BuJo on multiple occasions plus my journal), looking at pictures and videos (as I gathered shots taken from 4 different devices and put them into files in order to create my beloved online photo albums), but also e-mailing and answering back those participants who contacted me right after.
Not enough emphasis one can ever place on thinking critically about our own work, looking back and analysing ... reflecting and intelligencing.

3. To be fair, it was quite a lot to take in. During a month I was in touch with such a variety of human beings with unique teaching styles and challenges. May we take a moment to stress that very last word ... Total respect!
In my role as advisor/mentor/coach, I am used to deal with CTPS complex models, so I was in my element: need to say that this is one of the stages I do certainly enjoy the most.

4. My own international yearly validation for a job I carry out (on a part-time basis) was due, so that meant reading many documents (which I love) ... the latter is utterly true, I am always reading way more than one book/manual/thesis/report/posts/blogs even news just for the sake of reading, you name it. In the end, it was all good, so hurray for me. So immediately after my results I was given two gigs in a row.

5. This has been the month that I have used to the best of my abilities to get ready for a Masters of Arts I have just started, from application, registration, documentation completion, translation of certificates/diplomas/others ... and so on and so forth ie. endless exciting events happening that also included 4 pre-Day1 lectures.

Last but most definitely NOT least: Volunteering has been very very very top of my agenda, even travelling using my "miles" to get plane tickets.
Dear reader: climate change is very real. The weather has hot intensively some parts of my country. Unlike an earthquake that is localised, this natural event called "Fenómeno del Niño" happened throughout the north coast and even in parts of Lima, our capital city with devastating results.
What have I learnt?
Our people are greater than the nation's problems ... this has been proven once again. But there is still lots to do. Step by step though.

What's ahead in less than 24 hours?

Most exciting things indeed. Not only IATEFL starts on Monday ... yippy!
... but also we get back on the road with a talk that I have been programmed to give tomorrow (yes! on April's fool dear reader)

What is it about? ... a reflective session for our ELT community while breaking paradigms to achieve best results possible.
and how ...?
re-thinking our IMPACT
QUALITY of our current lessons
looking for an educational change
WHEN?  Today
WHY? Because THAT is what makes the Future
focusing on our attitude 
Check list:
English knowledge
Ability to communicate so our learnersget it
Experience (varies)


 Therefore, after sharing an insight of this ending month:
... yes, I am sorry but because I have missed writing
... but nor so sorry because all the above. 
Does that make sense dear reader?

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