Plan, Train, Reflect & repeat it all over again ... #CoreSkills4all

It has been a very intense couple of days dear reader, most of the time planning, training and reflecting which is the basis of my life as a #CoreSkills Trainers' Trainer and Trainer.

This time we are in Mexico once again, our 4th time in this stunning country with beautifully friendly people. On this opportunity I am not in the northern city of Hermosillo but in the very heart of Jalisco, in Guadalajara, with a group of 40 Educational Leaders of this State.

Our module this time is Communication and Collaboration and I could not feel happier with results so far, moreover, one feels
* hype, overwhelmed & self-motivated,
* gratefulness for group's human warmth
* one takes best of memories & Reflects (pivotal) / which is what we have been doing since 4.30 a,m,

In the end, and as I see it, Core Skills Training is all about:
(1) Sharing the brilliant materials British Council in partnership with Imagine Education have created for this purpose ...
but also and most importantly
(2) Giving TOOLS as personalised as possible to make this happen inside classrooms.
Hence, demo and modelling are critical at this stage and throughout training, as it is our style of faciliting these sessions that are embedding every Core Skill.

As we say, it is not about changing School Curricula but to adapt them in our every day ... and dear readers: Yes it works!

Which is -as we see it though- the critical point and where it seems to us, something more can/should/ought to be done?
We are thinking "Follow up" to accurately measure Impact.

For that, we believe Trainers are to be reachable and present for participants. It is like the customer service platform, this is not a one-way lecture or speech, by definition is collaborative and participative, based on the idea that things can be achieved more easily if everyone works together, being involved and committed to spread the word while making it happen ... #CoreSkills4all

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